Digital Signage in Automotive Industry

Thu, 01 Jan 1970

Dealers in the automotive industry are always in a dilemma on how to convince their potential customers about their brand being better and of more value over any other. However, on the other hand their service centres are on the struggle to entertain / convert their customers into long term recurring customers. Digital signage is an effective solution to all these problems. Its wide range of applications and endless possibilities make it a powerful marketing tool for car dealerships to achieve their business goals.

Benefits of Digital Signage in this industry:

  • • Display latest videos showcasing your products in the best way possible to attract more attention
  • • Advertise your latest promotions through dynamic rich content to engage and convert potential customers into buyers.
  • • Exhibit a comparison chart of different features and specs of various car models to help your customers evaluate their options.
  • • Promote different payment/EMI options to help your customers explore and decide the plan that best fits their needs.
  • • Inform customers about your extended warranty, protection plans, and other additional offerings.
  • • Display positive customer reviews and testimonials to boost your business’ credibility and motivate customers to make purchasing decisions.
  • • Queue management in waiting rooms
  • • Engage customers with displaying relevant interesting information and some other content like LiveTV streams, news broadcasts, and sports games making the wait time easy for customers.
  • • Digital signage at the centre Lobby/reception with personalised welcome messages gives the customer a sense of personalised touch and good customer relationship service.
  • • Way – finding / Directory at the store.

Digital Signage Solutions can be in many different forms. This could be in the form of a vertical/horizontal standee/ Kiosk, wall mounted screen, video wall, a LED panel – all of which can either be touch interactive or non- touch depending upon one’s requirement.

There are many ways you can use these digital signage kiosks:

  • • Use as a self-service hub for customers who prefer to search for the answers to common questions. This will also help your sales representatives focus on the customers who are closer to making purchasing decisions.
  • • Place them next to your newest models to display features, functions, customizable options, and available finance options associated with those models.
  • • Showcase your services and offerings with captivating videos and animations to subtly promote them to the customers.
  • • Create an immersive shopping experience and elevate your store atmosphere to establish and show your business’ success and credibility.
  • • Display friendly and welcoming messages to encourage customers to seek expert advice from your sales representatives.
  • • Can be used to internal training and communications amongst staff.

So let us conclude by saying, digital signage is an effective marketing tool for any business, due to its unlimited potential in communicating visually with its audience. Its ability to leverage dynamic content formats allows businesses to increase their campaign exposure and drive more conversions. Digital signs in automotive dealerships can deliver experiences that boost customer satisfaction and increase sales, taking your business to the next level.