Digital Signage for Corporate Internal Communications

Thu, 01 Jan 1970

Internal communication plays a pivotal part in creating and building a strong relationship between employees and the company. To establish this, internal communication should be effective and transparent within an organization.

Digital signage not only allows the management of any business to connect with their employees, but has also become an almost pivotal part of a companies’ marketing strategy. The advantages being endless, companies are adopting digital signage increasingly and no longer consider it to be a marketing gimmick but are rather taking it to be a business asset. It enables users to create and publish information in an effective and transparent manner. The versatility of digital signage allows for a countless innovation which in-turn improves workplace productivity.

The Global Digital Signage Market estimates a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% and will hit $29.8 billion by 2024 because of the value add it has to businesses.

The traditional group messaging strategy centred on a bulletin board has innumerable flaws as below:

  • • Employees missing out on important information
  • • No reliable way to track if the message has been delivered.
  • • Non-attractive.
  • • Recurring cost to company.
  • • Waste of important resources like paper.
  • • Not transparent.

While the benefits of Digital Signage are countless and undeniable, below are some of the advantages one may note:

  • • Smooth & transparent workplace communication.
  • • Cost -effective & time saving.
  • • Faster problem solving.
  • • Unifying the organisation.
  • • Accelerating companies’ strategy execution.
  • • Increasing employee productivity.
  • • Better employee retention rate.
  • • Maintenance of safety & health records.
  • • Improving supply chain efficiency.
  • • Communication of company’s core values, expectations, practices and achievements.
  • • Performance Indicators.
  • • Employee Opinion Surveys.
  • • Promoting employee incentive programs.
  • • Improving product quality, process & procedure.
  • • Better work culture and employee engagement.
  • • More attractive way of communication.

Research says that 74% of employees fear they are missing out on important company information. Another study has found that disengaged employees can cost organizations billions of dollars per year due to loss of sales or profits, retraining, and so on. Fortunately, digital signage can solve this communication gap

The automated content management system is cost and time effective and helps improve the return of investment (ROI) of your communication efforts.

From message creation to keeping employees informed and motivated, every company should put decent effort into creating the best possible employee experience. When employees are connected to the company, they are more engaged and thus help to make bigger contributions. Display of employee achievements gives them a sense of recognition and boosts their morale to perform and deliver better.

Digital Signage should ideally be placed at high traffic areas. Some of the strategic locations to place digital signages are as below:

  • • Reception/lobby areas
  • • Elevators
  • • Break rooms
  • • Staff cafeterias
  • • Conference rooms
  • • Hallways

While the benefits of Digital signage go beyond aesthetic appeal, the number of reasons to adopt them are endless. As technology continues to weave itself more intricately all around us, one can’t deny that incorporating technology can only help boost growth, exponentially.