Corporate Screen Saver Management

Corporate Screen Saver Management is all about customising your employees desktop screensaver to what you want them to see. With better attention being paid to visual communication , corporate screensaver is the need of the hour.

The content of the screensaver being pushed to an employees desktop/screen can be managed by our software.. Screen savers are created to broadcast content to your staff – this can be of the instructing or informing type, or it can be advertising your company. You are in control of what you want one to view.

Employees can be informed of your company's aims and goals by sending targeted recipients key messages without any interruption.

Asthetically appealing screensavers with important notices/news/communication can be set on employees desktops.

Effectively reaches all employees without having to overload an individual with information. Reminders/ Birthday messages can be scheduled in advance.

Some of the things you can share on the corporate screensaver include :

  1. Important messages that imply any internal or external communication campaigns one has in the pipeline.
  2. Reminders about key dates such as deadlines for projects, payroll cutoffs, pay dates, holidays and so on.
  3. Training and Human resource programmes.
  4. Reminders about emergency procedures including maps, evacuation routes, assembly points and so on.
  5. Important phone numbers such as IT help desk/ HR/ transport desk/ concierge etc.
  6. Advertising your own company with the help of Photographs of staff, your business properties, your products, logos, or any other images that reflects a brand identity.
  7. Workplace health and safety information, such as tips to be safe in the workplace and reduce hazards, reminders to move/stretch/exercise, how to report hazards etc.

These screensavers can be interactive, and are sent directly to your employees’ screens when you upload them to the system..