Industries like banking, retail, government, healthcare, advertising and many others have chosen EmagenTV as their trusted software solution provider because of its user friendly interface, cost effectivenss and versitality. 15000+ digital signage displays around the globe are powered by EmagenTV's Display Management software.

The software empowers businesses to create and broadcast content across multiple displays across the globe by being stationed at one central location ( cloud based). This can convert tablets, touchscreens, TVs, monitor screens, video walls, into display signage which can be put across at Hotel lobbies, airport/hospital walls, , exit doors , conference rooms, or can be installed as standees at a conference or a shopping mall.

This cloud-based content management software offers you a plethora of content sources, smart playlists, flexible scheduling and multi-user licenses which helps your content get quality and quantity eyeballs through which one gets the desired results. One can schedule events, send across messages, upload videos, set alerts, show real-time data, set countdowns and many more media types like this.


Using digital signage solution is more cost-effective than traditional print advertisements. Once created, the content can be immediately displayed on a screen for an indefinite period of time and can also be modified without having to waste materials that are traditionally used in print campaigning. Also, the cost involved in distribution of that print campaign is completely nullified.


The dynamic content displayed through this software enables in grabbing impactful public attention which has proven to be 400% more than that of a static display. Its ability to help in customisation and designing of content further makes more attractive to customers.


Social media is now an integral part of any campaign. This software allows to add social media feeds, RSS feeds, weather updates, stock updates, and many more widgets to pull in live updates while advertising daily content.


Custom Layout :

EmagenTV's layout designer allows for you to design amazing display layouts in order to capture and hold your audience's attention. You can create your own layouts in any configuration required for your industry and upload them to the system in a snap. Changing the layouts with a few clicks of a mouse.

EmagenTV's layout interface gives you simple solutions you can use right out of the box and collaborate different medias on the same screen.

Display Grouping :

With EmagenTV you can run different content on different screens and broadcast a content to a bunch of screens at a click of a button. Create multiple groups of your screens and distribute content to the groups. This feature is useful when running language based content in different regions or running different content in different departments / sections.

Monitoring and Compliance :

Monitor your display network centrally via EmagenTV. The feature allows you to see your screen health on a macro and micro level. See which screens are on/off along with which screens have been updated or not.

Drag and Drop :

Manage your content upload and allocation easily with EmagenTV’s drag and drop interface. Getting your content created and distributed to the screens is a simple and quick process.

Reports :

Generate on demand reports with EmagenTV’s report generator. Get content playback report along with screen uptime report at a click of a button.

Security :

With EmagenTV, you can be assured that your screens and files are safe. All our customers have unique instances and no files are shared within our ecosystem. All data to our servers, CMS and displays are encrypted with SSL/TLS security.