Audience Analytics

  1. EmagenEye is a privacy friendly Audience Analytics engine for analysing the footfall of target audience at a particular place of interest (kiosk, display, display stand, shelf) consisting of client applications and a web dashboard.
  2. The camera detects and identifies the number of people in and around the place of interest, their age group, their gender and also their emotions.
  3. Aside from identifying their demographics, the camera will also detect each audiences dwell time.
  4. The above information is useful in knowing who / how do the target audience interact with the item of interest.
  5. Based on the data generated, the brand can take multiple informed decisions.

Data generated :

  1. Gender detection
  2. Number of views and attention time
  3. Age group (child (0-15), young (16-35), adult (36-55), senior (56 - older)
  4. Emotions (happy, surprise, neutral, angry)
  5. Analytics dashboard

It does not have a feature to identify faces – It secures 100% client privacy.