Digital Signage for Healthcare Industry

Thu, 01 Jan 1970

Healthcare providers have an ideal environment for networked digital signage solutions. With an audience having 20-30 minutes waiting room dwell time, advertisers and content partners have an ideal opportunity to market products and services to a national audience within a known demographic.

Additionally, digital signage decreases audience perception of dwell time, while providing an effective way for medical providers to communicate with and educate patients while reducing clerical staff interruptions.

Through a digital signage network, providers can offer a well-balanced programming format of up-to-date patient education and testing information, healthcare news, supplemental preventive medicine programming as well as sponsored promotional segments and messages.

EmagenTV ‘s digital signage platform is ideal for the healthcare setting. The platform provides total visibility into the health and performance of any sized network, allowing marketers and providers to easily manage widely distributed displays, as well as manage the content and campaigns scheduled for targeted distribution.

  • • Decrease perceived dwell time in your waiting rooms
  • • Offer continuing education training after hours for employees
  • • Inform your patients of their healthcare options
  • • Provide healthy lifestyle tips to your patients and staff

Let’s take a minute to visualise a healthcare setup.

The thought of having a contemporary modern setup that keeps up with the latest technology and an environment which is developed keeping in mind the patients comfort is always a pleasing/attractive one rather than having an old school waiting room with no effort made for the patients comfort/experience.

This experience which is way more appealing/comforting is not as costly or difficult as you thought, rather it saves on money/time and is an eco-friendly option where one saves on paper and also cuts down human intervention. This could include an array of options like :

  • • Interactive Kiosks
  • • Touch Screen Portals
  • • Queue Management
  • • Digital Information Boards
  • • Custom Video Production
  • • Private Label Television
  • • Interactive Wayfinding Tools
  • • Video Screens

The inclusion of these digital media solutions immediately upgrades the appearance of a healthcare set-up. It also enhances communication and marketing efforts, and benefits patients, staff, and your practice.


  • • Queue Management.
  • • Engages patients with quality content while they wait for their turn
  • • This in-turn reduces patient anxiety.
  • • Any Health-related information regarding latest vaccinations to be taken / precautions to be taken during a particular season, etc can be run across these screens that helps in keeping your patients informed.
  • • Can be used as a way-finder in larger healthcare setups.
  • • Can be used as a directory where important numbers of doctors/staff is shared.

Benefits of Digital Signage to the healthcare staff.

  • • Reduces strain on the Hospital staff by taking a lot of load of communication with patients off them.
  • • Any new staff can be trained through videos that can be displayed on these screens.
  • • Can act as an inhouse rooster / directory.
  • • Helps create space and in-turn decreases the chaos and congestion in hospital passages.
  • • Important tool for any emergency communication.

How Does it Benefit your Healthcare Practice?

  • 1. Promotes your business.
  • 2. Revenue from advertisement.
  • 3. Communication tool.
  • 4. Brand enhancement.
  • 5. Data collection
  • 6. Minimalizes/ eliminates usage of paper.
  • 7. Control over any advertisement/campaign.
  • 8. Real-time monitoring and reports.