Importance of Digital Signage in Any Industry

Thu, 01 Jan 1970

Why is Digital Signage important?

The use of digital signage can help you explore the ways to inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with customers/within your work place in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Any information related to new offers, releases, sales, product information, internal communication can be seamlessly delivered through this medium.

Digital signage helps bring a new life to any commercial environment. While, the impact static signage has on any industry is becoming of less significance, digital signage is soon starting to penetrate deep into most industries by making them more effective and enterprising. Digital Signage is designed to catch the attention of consumers by delivering rich dynamic content that are custom designed to improve their experience. This experience is taken a step further by integrating touch to these screens. Touch Interactive screens help one up their game, by allowing the person to interact with an array of information you expose them to. Product research, locating inventory, viewing more product options, catalogue browsing, way-finding, virtual tour gives one an immersive experience.

Adding digital signage in the retail space has seen to have taken a meteorological rise and this is giving commercial/retail spaces an unprecedented and dramatical transformation.

This is why more and more businesses are turning to technology for help. While there are many options to choose from, none compare to the popularity/effectiveness of digital signage.


There are endless ways through which Digital signage can be implemented. Companies across almost every industry- most suited to multi-location store brands are now adopting this technology to meet the unique demands of their customers. Distribution of content through the cloud has made it easier/cost effective to manage and program content across multiple stores spread across different geographical locations. Real time monitoring/reporting gives the seller the confidence to have complete control over what content is being displayed across each store. Whether it is social media feeds/ URL’s/RSS feeds/videos etc it can all be integrated to the screen and it further helps in capitalising the value of the product.


Using digital signage solution is more cost-effective than traditional print advertisements. Once created, the content can be immediately displayed on a screen for an indefinite period of time and can also be modified without having to waste materials that are traditionally used in print campaigning. Also, the cost involved in distribution of that print campaign is completely nullified.


The dynamic content displayed through this software enables in grabbing impactful public attention which has proven to be 400% more than that of a static display. Its ability to help in customisation and designing of content further makes more attractive to customers.


Social media is now an integral part of any campaign. This software allows to add social media feeds, RSS feeds, weather updates, stock updates, and many more widgets to pull in live updates while advertising daily content.


Almost one in five people talked about the ad they saw on a digital signboard. As per statistics, 83% of people recalled at least one ad they were shown over the past 30 days. 65% recalled 2 and nearly half – 47% – recalled 3.

The goal is not just to get customers to take action right away: place an order, make a purchase, but also to let shoppers know about upcoming events – sales, promotions, in-store appearances, etc.

  • • Provides Clear Communication.
  • • Conveys Brand Character + Identity.
  • • Increases Brand Awareness.
  • • Reach the Right Audience.
  • • Cost-Effective Strategy.
  • • Boost in revenue.
  • • Easily deployable.

While the benefits of Digital signage go beyond aesthetic appeal, the number of reasons to adopt them are endless. As technology continues to weave itself more intricately all around us, one can’t deny that incorporating technology can only help boost growth, exponentially.