Digital Signage in the Retail Industry

Thu, 01 Jan 1970

Digital signage is an efficient communication channel for keeping retail customers updated. Using digital screens, store owners can make announcements concerning the work of stores, company news, sales and discounts, current marketing trends and other promotional campaigns or any urgent information.

It can be used for wayfinding in a store, or to display exhaustive product catalogues to improve the shopping experience (can also be touch interactive). They can even update customers with the occupancy levels in different areas of the store or for that matter even link it to their social media handles for more traction of eyeballs.

Almost every retail outlet, irrespective of its size, uses digital signage nowadays. The mass usage of this technology is further facilitated by the reduction in the prices of hardware & software supporting digital signage. Whether it is used in the bright signage that helps in back-office employee management or the digital billboards otherwise known as outdoor signage that are becoming bigger than ever with the option for large screens, digital signage is quite ubiquitous now. Not to forget QSRs have now resorted to digital menu boards that make ordering easier and help upsell products. There are also small businesses that use digital signage to share promotions and sales as well as a larger chain of stores that can centrally manage the display content in real-time for their chain of stores

How does this help Retailers improve In-Store Marketing?

Once a customer enters a store, digital signage can be an apt substitute for marketing. Here are some of the ideas to show how digital signage can improve in-store marketing and be a value add to the overall marketing plan.

  • • Promotes Sales, makes announcements, launch, and promote products
  • • Effective Communication with customers
  • • Interactive channel to support sales staff
  • • Builds on brand recall
  • • Educates customers
  • • Increases revenue
  • • Converts passers-by to prospective customers
  • • Personalized engagement