Making screens more intelligent and relevant is the primary objective of our solution. One way to show content is where you decide what needs to run on which screen and when. Though there is an intelligent software that makes broadcasting happen along with automating the content change according to your rules, however imagine a screen that plays content based on its immediate surroundings.

Yes, with EmagenTVs connected retail solution screens one can now decide what to play based on external inputs. Such as change content based on the temperature of the room, or based on the distance of a shopper from the screen,or even based on the number of people in the store.

Such innovative solutions are great for product showcasing and creating an immersive experience when it comes to product discovery and investigation.

With connected retail experience one can know all they want to know about a particular product by just lifting it up from the rack at a store. The tiny sensor attached to the product senses movement and shows information relevant to it. The ‘WOW’ factor created by this experience surpasses that of a sales-person trying to market it to you. Product features, videos, promotional campaigns – everything can run on the display screen as soon as the product is moved.

Key- Highlights of Connected Retail Experience:

  1. Immersive retail experience with sensors and LED-lights
  2. Sensor input-based content change
  3. Educate your customers with relevant content through an engaging experience
  4. Create the ‘WOW’ factor for your product
  5. Enhance shopping experience

Demographics targeted content display

Demographics Audience analysis is the process of gathering information about the people in your audience based on their age, gender and emotions which enables you to show them targeted content. This helps one understand the value of acknowledging your audience along with showing them worthwile content.

Picture yourself in front of the audience, about to deliver your speech. This is the moment when your relationship with your audience begins, and the quality of this relationship will influence how receptive they will be to your ideas, or at least how willing they’ll be to listen to what you have to say. Put this in scenario, where an individual is in front of a screen and based on the analysis the system has made that individual will get targeted information in the form of an ad/promo/sales offer etc. This can go a long way towards getting them “on board” with your message.

Through the solution a brand can display gender / age relevant content to their viewers. This makes the content more relevant, engaging, and impactful. Aside from delivering targeted content, the solution also ensures that the display is being utilized to show multiple content and the right time to the right audience, thus ensuring that the display is being used optimally.

The solution is perfect for retail outlets, banks, and shopping malls.