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Digital Signage – Healthcare

Healthcare providers have an ideal environment for networked digital signage solutions. With an audience with a 20-30 minute waiting room dwell time, advertisers and content partners have an ideal opportunity to market products and services to a national audience within a known demographic.

Additionally, digital signage decreases audience perception of dwell time, while providing an effective way for medical providers to communicate with and educate patients while reducing clerical staff interruptions.

Through a digital signage network, providers can offer a well-balanced programming format of up-to-date patient education and testing information, healthcare news, supplemental preventive medicine programming as well as sponsored promotional segments and messages.

EmagenTV digital signage platform is ideal for the healthcare setting. The platform provides total visibility into the health and performance of any sized network, allowing marketers and providers to easily manage widely distributed displays, as well as manage the content and campaigns scheduled for targeted distribution.

  • Decrease perceived dwell time in your waiting rooms
  • Offer continuing education training after hours for employees
  • Inform your patients of their healthcare options
  • Provide healthy lifestyle tips to your patients and staff